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Drop Shipment Network

The NPL drop shipment network is ideal for printers, letter shops, and direct mail owners  who are seeking to partner with a postal logistics company and take  advantage of consolidation rates at nearly LTL delivery timing. We are a national, direct mail consolidator that enables customers to maximize postal discounts while incurring minimal shipping charges. As a leading turn key consolidator, NPL meets the needs for fast, efficient, and effective mail transportation services. 



  • A time definite delivery network

  • Faster, cost effective, and more efficient 

  • Our business is mail, we understand the USPS

  • Flexibility based on the needs of our customers

  • Strategically located facilities that enhance transportation routes and minimize distances to post offices

  • Delivery to every NDC, ASF and SCF in the United States

  • e-Induction and DSMS Approved

  • Cost effective pricing options


Since 1997, NPL has continually grown and expanded our reach across the nation. We have "on time" delivery percentage rates exceeding 98%. NPL delivers millions  of pounds of US Mail per week in our drop shipment network.

Drop Shipment Network
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